London: our favorites in 2017

Time flies and London2ofakind is already 1 year old! No better idea to celebrate our baby blog than digging into our first year of discoveries. Restaurants, galleries, bar, pop up, musical, exhibition, walks in the borough, we love London, its diversity and its permanent renewal. It’s a hard choice to select our favorite addresses but also a good exercice and definitely an emotional moment to remember everything we shared the two of us. We hope you will like our – utterly partial – list and we can’t wait to discover which is you preferred place.

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Comptoir Gascon in Farringdon

Duck rillettes, Comptoir Gascon, London

One of the first posts of the blog was dedicated to our favorite restaurants in the Farringdon area. I liked a lot the one star Michelin Club Gascon, the delicacy of the mains and the excellent wine list but I had been a bit disappointed by the decoration very classical without a true spirit. I was so happy to discover they have also opened a gourmet bistro/delicatessen called Comptoir Gascon, just 5 minutes away. There, you will find a true tribute to the south-western France. Ochres bricks, large wooden shared tables and a selection of authentic products to take away, no doubt you are in “Gasconnie”. We chose to eat in for a 2 hour-session of comfort food: rillettes, saucisses au couteau with home-cooked mash potatoes, neck pork with Espelette Chilli, a pastis and a languedoc glass of wine, just the perfect match. If you will find the most delicious products coming from this countryside, Comptoir Gascon tried also to reinvent the classic ones. Why not taste the lillet-based Spritz (Lillet is an old french alcohol based on fruit liquor and wine) or the Eton Mess, plum and cointreau? A perfect address for those who are looking for an excellent touch of sun at an affordable prince – they have also the Baranis and the Cigalon for those who prefer the south-eastern France.

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A day at the Barbican: the UE largest multi-art center

barbican from silk street

Hard to define the Barbican, a unique multi-art center in the heart of London which offers a picky selection of concerts, cinema, spectacles, conferences and exhibitions. Without forgetting a tropical garden (the “garden room”  opened on Sunday afternoon) at the top and its 3 restaurants. Opened in the last 80’s, this model of brutalism architecture – do not be fooled by appearances- “exists to inspire people to discover and love the arts”, as presented on their website.

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Favourite restaurants in Farringdon/Clerkenwell

Either if you’re working or living nearby or if your air bnb for the week-end is located in the area, Clerkenwell has a lot to offer for food lovers. And do not forget one major asset : you can easily find a table left a Saturday Night even if you haven’t booked one week before – strange thing in London I know. Here, my favorites ones for friends, foodies, or a special occasion without forgetting Exmouth Market – which will deserve its own post soon. Continue reading “Favourite restaurants in Farringdon/Clerkenwell”

Clerkenwell/ Angel – History and Architecture

Discover the Borough of Islington and its long history as a a land of priories before the transformation triggered by the industrialization. The Borough, known also for its projects of modern design, has reinvented its architecture. With 2 thrilling districts such as Angel and Clerkenwell, you’ll have a lot of places to chill out. Continue reading “Clerkenwell/ Angel – History and Architecture”