Enjoy a ride with the Mail Rail at the Postal Museum

Close to Farringdon station, the Postal Museum is a place you can easily miss as few people are passionate by the story of the mail through the centuries. Nevertheless, it would be a pity not to attend one of the most original attraction currently in London. Opened last July, the London Post office offers you to discover the secret underground network used for over 75 years (1920-2003) to deliver the mails in the capital.

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The Japanese House at the Barbican

The Japanese House,Exhibition, Barbican Center

Until the 25th of June, the Barbican – this excellent cultural center- houses the exhibition: The Japanese house : Architecture and Life after 1945Do not miss this opportunity to better understand  the evolution of the lodging after the WW2 in a country devastated by the bombs and in which a large part of the population is homeless. Under the US occupation (1945-1952) the Japan is influenced by the Western culture, its magasines, cinema, etc…Nevertheless, building houses is re-building a nation and a so-called “tradition debate” took stage in the society. The new accommodations should be inspired by the Palace style with raised floors, airy and open spaces or by a rural come-back with earthen floors and large roofs? A new genre called “home drame” emerges until the 1950’s and considers every social change under a domestic perspective. You will discover the famous directors Azu and Naruse who testify of this intellectual current. From the 1960’s, the Japan know a new era of prosperity. But the growth of the economy creates overwhelmed and contaminated cities. More and more, the architects reject the urban life and think the house like a safe heaven. The Tea house, silent and independent small room, build outside the house become a must-have. You will end the exhibition by a more immersive approach, you will enter the gardens, the kitchens, the bathrooms of the Japanese houses where some shoes and food products seem to be given up, to help you to project yourself in this domestic life. Enjoy your travel in Japanese land!

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City of London – History and Architecture

St Pauls Cathedral, London, Architecture, city, night

The historic and financial district: the City of London is a unique borough with an autonomous status. Both a city and a county with its own Lord – Mayor elected each year, the City is a state in the state. Do not miss the XVIIIth buildings and the cutting-edge towers  such as the Gherkin or the Walkie Talkie. Immerse yourself in the financial area, feel the hustle and bustle of the area during weekdays or discover with the Barbican one of the biggest property project.

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A day at City of London

St Paul's cathedral, City of London, photo grand angle

A walking in the City of London, a must-see district to admire the perfect match between the pure tradition and the cutting-edge modernity. Wether if you are a shopping addict, a history buff, a terrace hunter or a wine lover, the City of London has something for you, even if you’re not working nearby. Please stop at Leadenhall market, our crush.

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