A day in Richmond

25 minutes heading west from South Kensington, Richmond is a wealthy district bordering the Thames River. Very famous for its outstanding  Kew Gardens; Richmond has a lot to offer, but you need to go back several times as the distances from a borough to another are quite important. It was a happy day as Charlotte was back in London for the week-end. So, we organized again one of our famous ‘discovery day’ by a windy Friday. What better choice than Richmond when you crave for an immersion in a ‘back in times’ district?


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Top 5 – Our favourite musicals in London

London has always been synonymous with musicals, offering in avant-premiere in Europe, the best shows coming from Broadway. The offer is infinite and it could be hard to decide the one to book, especially when you are there for a couple of days. No worries, we have worked hard this last year (helped a lot by my parents every time they come for the week-end), and after seeing a dozen of them, we are eventually able to share our selection. It will depend on your taste for sure but if there is only one you can’t miss, it is definitely the Fanthom of the Opera! We put our favorites below and a top tip to pay cheapest tickets at TKTS. Enjoy!

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London: our favorites in 2017

Time flies and London2ofakind is already 1 year old! No better idea to celebrate our baby blog than digging into our first year of discoveries. Restaurants, galleries, bar, pop up, musical, exhibition, walks in the borough, we love London, its diversity and its permanent renewal. It’s a hard choice to select our favorite addresses but also a good exercice and definitely an emotional moment to remember everything we shared the two of us. We hope you will like our – utterly partial – list and we can’t wait to discover which is you preferred place.

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London abroad – best addresses

Such a long time since my last post on this blog I know…but it was for a very good reason: a 3-month trip around the world. I’m just back from this incredible experience through Peru, Brazil, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. If the travel is not the topic of the blog – nevertheless, you can discover all about our itinerary and our favorites on  Polarsteps, account: M&S – I wanted to share some memories with you. Even if we mainly chose the places recommended by the locals, few ‘London style’ spots crossed our paths. Here below, my selection of London addresses abroad.

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London/Paris in Summer – the sun letter

Second edition of our newsletter across the Manche. Charlotte succeeds in her new position in Paris but her heart is still in London so I’m lucky enough to see her on a regular basis. With the summer – hot temperatures in Paris / still uncertain weather in London until recently – it’s more than ever the time to get the most of the 2 cities and to start planning your week-end. Look at eurostar.com or snap eurostar (if you’re more flexible) to spot the seasonal promotions. For this summer, we’ll talk about music festivals: Love Box in London/Lollapalooza in Paris, terraces and outdoors – barbecue versus “buvettes” and we mention a famous palace… All the links and details below, happy Summer across the Manche and let us know what you try !

biere en terrasse

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A day at Kew Gardens

50 minutes from London center, Kew Gardens are the royal botanic gardens existing from the XVIIIth century, located in the borough of Richmond. A green bubble to escape the city gathering more than 30 000 plants, flowers and trees. Plan to spend at least 3 hours in the 326-acre park to enjoy all it has to offer. From a palm tree house to a Japanese gateway, passing by a treetop walkway and Kew Palace – which housed George III and his family – this Unesco heritage is a little gem at the doors of the city. Quite impossible to summarize, discover in pictures some chosen places and have a look at the website, there is always a festival or an event at Kew Gardens.

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London/Paris – the month letter

First edition of our new newsletter, we will share with you once a month from now on,  our best of in Paris and London. Many of you live between the 2 cities for business or personal reasons and the same goes for us. Charlotte is about to start a new professional commitment in Paris, if you look for a flat to buy she’s the one to contact with. Fortunately, she plans to keep going back and forth , the opportunity for us to exchange cross-looks on 3 main topics: the new foodie places, a cultural outing and the event you can’t miss. The Pergola in London vs Papa cabane in Paris, the 200th anniversary of the Dulwich Picture Gallery vs Cezanne at Orsay, the wine week vs the Jazz festival, which city will seduce you this month? Get the most of it with the description and the links below.

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Comptoir Gascon in Farringdon

Duck rillettes, Comptoir Gascon, London

One of the first posts of the blog was dedicated to our favorite restaurants in the Farringdon area. I liked a lot the one star Michelin Club Gascon, the delicacy of the mains and the excellent wine list but I had been a bit disappointed by the decoration very classical without a true spirit. I was so happy to discover they have also opened a gourmet bistro/delicatessen called Comptoir Gascon, just 5 minutes away. There, you will find a true tribute to the south-western France. Ochres bricks, large wooden shared tables and a selection of authentic products to take away, no doubt you are in “Gasconnie”. We chose to eat in for a 2 hour-session of comfort food: rillettes, saucisses au couteau with home-cooked mash potatoes, neck pork with Espelette Chilli, a pastis and a languedoc glass of wine, just the perfect match. If you will find the most delicious products coming from this countryside, Comptoir Gascon tried also to reinvent the classic ones. Why not taste the lillet-based Spritz (Lillet is an old french alcohol based on fruit liquor and wine) or the Eton Mess, plum and cointreau? A perfect address for those who are looking for an excellent touch of sun at an affordable prince – they have also the Baranis and the Cigalon for those who prefer the south-eastern France.

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May in London : The Monthletter

Muguet, Mois de Mai, London, Newsletter

Two bank holidays in a month…. No doubt, May is coming. You will have plenty of time to discover and to enjoy what London has to offer. This month, we’ve made with Marine an eclectic selection where you could see us in our favourite playground. From art and flower exhibitions to open air theatre or Peckham Rye Festival, it’s time to plan your weekend activities. Welcome in May and welcome in London.

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Happy Easter in London!

Easter chocolate, spotted in Chelsea, London

Easter weekend is coming this weekend and with it, a lot of bunnies and eggs will invade all the pretty little gardens. And because England does it better, here are some inspirations that we found all around the city to please your loved ones with chocolate. So please indulge yourself this weekend! Happy hunting and happy Easter!

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