April in London : The Newsletter

Oeufs de Pâques, April, Easter

Spring is definitely here! In April, the days are longer, warmer, brighter, and this is one of the best month to  discover what London has to offer. You can walk in the streets and discover all the pink and white blossoms, you can enjoy the sun rays and have lunch outside and you can hunt the hidden eggs left by the Easter Bunny, because April is above all the Easter Month with a very long Easter weekend and therefore plenty of time to plan what we’ve selected for you this month! Happy April and Happy Easter!

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The art of the brick : DC Super Heroes exhibition

The art of the Brick : DC Super Heros, Exhibition, London

The world’s largest LEGO exhibition returns to London from the 1st of March until the 4th of September 2017. This time, DC super-heroes and super-villains inspired Nathan Sawaya to create 120 works of art, using more than 2 millions LEGO bricks. This former NYC lawyer reconverted in an award-winning artist brings the LEGO brick into the Art world. He has created a merging between Pop Art and Surrealism, he is playing with material, color, movement, light and perspective. Walk and get lost between Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and many others (I have to confess that I don’t know all of them, shame on me!) until the life-size masterpiece built with half a million bricks. Here are some pictures of some of the works you could see at The Art of The brick : DC Super Heroes.

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Lunch, drinks and dinner in Shoreditch

Barber and Parlour, Shoreditch, London

Close to the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch, you can find some quieter places to enjoy a lunch, drinks or a dinner. Except for the Box Park (but how could we avoid to mention this first pop-up malls created in 2011 in containers?), we have selected 3 addresses not located on the Shoreditch High Street, the perfect stops to pair with your street art walking. For a lunch: choose Rochelle Canteen, located in an old Victorian house which has since evolved into a co-workers hub. The perfect hidden place to treat yourself with a home-cooked flavors thanks to a short (and affordable) menu changing every day. To have a drink, seat at Barber and Parlour, an unusual building which is simultaneously a grocery, a barber, a bar and which houses The Electric Cinema. A must-do to live a 30’s cinema experience in a comfortable leather sofa. And to end your day with a more refine atmosphere and really qualitative italian food, Bottega Prelibato is definitely the perfect choice. Find all the addresses below.

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David Hockney, exhibition at the Tate Britain

David Hockney, Tate Britain Exhibition

We were a bit surprised when we have heard that the exhibition dedicated to David Hockney (English painter, printmaker, photographer…born in 1937 in the Yorkshire but quickly seduced by the dolce vita in California) would take place at the Tate Britain until the 29th of May and not at the Tate Modern. This major  contributor of the Pop Art in the 1960’s has developed a colorful realism, influenced by the “on-stage” world and the photographic art. Quite impossible to summarize because we have been overwhelmed by the variety of styles – from domestic scenes to Yorkshire and US landscapes-, and expressions: vidéo, pictures, drawings,… But we can say that: we have been very impressed and it’s probably the more fascinating exhibition we have seen for a while. You will not follow there a chronological path giving some clues about his biography but you will dive into a deep creative world. His obsessive theme – how to represent (and to play with) the reality – is revealed from the very first room “play within a play”.  Throughout the exhibition, you will discover his work on the perspective, the scenography, the color and a new form of (pop) impressionism. Hockney uses the pictures and the video to create a bigger artwork which questions our perception and what we keep in mind.  Please, offer you a pure artistic creative session.

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March in London- the monthletter


Rain, sun beam, windy air, snow and sleet…sometimes all in the same day. No doubt March is coming. However, it’s already a time of renewal in our minds with a lot of ideas to share. We can’t afford not to mention the ST Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March – and above all the Parade in Piccadilly on the 19th. As we are in the country of the Ale let’s to do more, and let’s evoke the whole Beer Week. The Oval place will be a perfect start point if you consider yourself as a novice regarding the beverage. After that, a touch of culture would be appreciated: watch the 20th Century women movie, admire David Hockney at the Tate Britain, indulge yourself at Aster restaurant (the links in our selection below and more details in the next posts to come). Happy March. Continue reading “March in London- the monthletter”

Picture, a must-try Bib gourmand restaurant in Fitzrovia

If you’ve been living in London for a while, you have probably already heard of Picture, an independent restaurant created by 3 friends who had worked before within Michelin-starred restaurants. Rewarded by the Bib gourmand since 2014, Picture is a successful bet with 2 addresses in Fitzrovia and Marylebone. We had a beautiful diner 2 days ago in the first one. Thanks to bookatable.com, we chose the 6 courses Menu with a cocktail for £35. if you can find the decoration  refined and very (too?) simple for this place, the plates are far more interesting and that’s what matters. You will see below the menu of the day and the pics of the mains. They speak for themselves. Mouth-watering dishes, selected ingredients, very aesthetic presentation, and above all a great consistency in terms of realization, both for the appetizers and the desserts. We were very impressed by the Venison bites we had as a nibble to accompany our Bellini Rhubarb:  crunchy outside, melting inside with the marinated meat and a thick but fine white sauce. One of the other surprising recipe was the smoked crisp pork, presented like a small Opera cake. A very interesting mixte of textures, perfectly balanced by the acidity of the Grany Apple beside. We loved it! Conclusion: a perfect romantic diner with no false steps from the beginning to the end and a surprise in every bite. And special thanks to our waiter, he was very caring.

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From Temple to Vauxhall (and the MI6!) #Thames 2

London Eye, River Thames, London

Here, we are: part 2 of our “walks along the Thames”! We started at Temple, the unique lawyers district – there is no equivalent – an incredible bubble in the historical center. Find a barrister amongst your friends to open you the doors of the Royal Courts, the library or their offices. Accessible to everyone, visit Two Temple Place, a neo-gothic/victorian house owned by the richest man of the XIXth century: William Waldorf Astor, his father was just the landlord of New-York. Usually dedicated to corporate events and weddings, the mansion is just opened util end of April for the exhibition “Sussex Modernism: Retreat and Rebellion”.  We hope you will be as fascinated as we were by the outstanding indoors. After that, follow down the Thames and stop at the Somerset House, this incredible gallery we talked about in our post “the best galleries in London”. The next stop is at Westminster. Visit the Churchill War Houses (we tell you more about the incredible 2-hour-visit in a next post) and have a coffee at the Cellarium café and terrace – just next to the cloister. Beside, the Victoria Tower Gardens  will give you the opportunity to admire ‘the burghers of Calais” by Rodin. This busy day ends just in front of the MI6 at Vauxhall, created in 1909 as a part of the Secret Intelligence Service (at the same time as the MI5, the internal secret service). Find all the links in the french version below.
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3 spots at Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf, London

Most of you associate only Canary Wharf with the business center place, a spot to desert after workdays. It would be a pity if we keep only in mind this definition. Built in the 80’s, the unmissable place is also a part of a bigger Real Estate project to give a new life to the docks (bombarded in WW2 and given up by the population). More than ever, with the new Crossrail station in 2018, Canary Wharf will be one of the most commutable place. We have tried to walk in Poplar and Canada Water but we haven’t seen nothing you can’t miss. That’s why, eventually, we have preferred to focus on 3 addresses to consider this place differently. The Museum of Docklands doubtless worths a visit and will offer you a complementary explanation to that of you can find in the Maritime Museum in Greenwich (not too far). You will know everything about the beginning of the Maritime trade and its development with the Indias, the issue of the slavery, the life and its insecurity in the docks in the 18th, the consequences of the World Ward and and the new urban project “Canary Wharf” to reclaim the abandoned docks. After that, have a drink or a dinner at the Pagination, the new unmissable cocktail and wine bar from Drake and Morgan. At last, a cosy, refined and stylish restaurant with accessible prices at Canary. And we have kept a little surprise for the end: the Crossrail roof top garden. If the station will open in 2018, a 300 sq.m high line has been already developed to allow you to discover rare plants and flowers coming from the countries the West Indian Company traded with in the the 18th. The green heart we daren’t expect there.

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From St Katharine docks to Embankment #Thames 1

River Thames, Tower bridge, London, City Hall, boat, sun

New year, new theme. You’ll still find our crushes and some posts about architecture and districts’ history, but we will also share with you our walks along the Thames. Basically, It will be a 2-hour-stroll (maximum) with one or two places(s) to indulge yourself. The first of our serial begins with a walk from St Katharine Docks to Embankment. Discover this quiet marina (former trade docks) and have a beer at the Dickens Inn, a former XVIIIth century warehouse. Admire then – and visit-the Tower of London and book a lunch or a dinner at the Coppa Club. Please do not miss the igloos on the terrace, they will vanish at the end of March. Nothing better to digest to follow down the Thames, admiring the Shard, The London Hospital, the Globe Theatre, The Oxo tower, you even pass ahead the former headquarter of the last O.G.

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