A day at Chelsea

Chelsea, Pink Love Door, London

On a sunny Monday (it’s always better when it’s a workday), we headed with Charlotte to the Chelsea Harbour, a tiny marina, close to the Imperial Wharf station. To enjoy the view, choose the Chelsea Harbour Hotel, whose interest lies in its terrace. After that, pop in the Design Center, a building as interesting as the stores dedicated to the decoration and refurbishment it houses. Walking along the Thames (or trying to – unfortunately you have a lot of buildings in progress), you will reconnect with the famous Chelsea spirit, these small colored houses. Did I mention the famous painter Turner set his sights on the 119 Cheyne Walk? By chance, just in front of the famous river…sunset admirer forever. If you are a plant-savvy, push the doors of the Chelsea Physic Garden (as usual, all the links to the websites are in the main text), the 2nd oldest botanical garden in GB created in 1673. Then, leave for the Saatchi Gallery, the famous contemporary art Gallery where I always prefer the temporary exhibition rather than the permanent collection. For those who are fancy to do some trendy shopping, the King’s road should be the answer to the stores you look for. Have a nice Chelsea day!

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Zaha Hadid’s exhibition at Serpentine Gallery – until Feb 12nd

Zaha Hadid's exhibition, The serpentine Gallery, painting, architecture, london

Stopping at the Serpentine Gallery, especially during the summer, will be the opportunity to discover the works of a foreign architect who has never built in the UK. Since 2000, this project has welcome Olafur Eliasson, Zaha Hadid and last year the danish Bjarne Ingels, among others. A brillant idea to open minds to the architecture through an ephemera  and outdoor construction which takes place for 2 months in Hyde Park. But even in winter, the Serpentine has something to offer. Until Feb 12nd, a tribute to Zaha Hadid’s “early paintings and drawings” is waiting for you in the main extension, built by Zaha Hadid herself in 2013. Inspired by abstractionism, deconstructionism, Russian avant-garde and perhaps a bit of personal utopia, you will share with the artist her vision of  the biggest cities. A really impressive work about volume, scaling, colors and perspective. Please don’t chose a crowded Saturday and enjoy the VR corner realized in partnership with Google to make you live an immersive approach: you will enter in a painting and you will see that how the things take on a live of their own.

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Afternoon tea at The Orangery & Kensington Palace

Tea, Earl grey, the orangery, Kensington gardens, London

After several attempts (and failures), we have eventually booked an Afternoon Tea at the Orangery. A beautiful XVIIIth century place  where we recommend tasting a tea and enjoying the view above Hyde Park rather than ordering a full afternoon tea (even if the price is not so expensive). Take the opportunity to walk in the gardens and to discover the last exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery -currently a Zaha Hadid’s tribute to discover in a next post. And if you are with your children or if you are just a Victoria era’s admirer, visit the Kensington Palace, a more intimate castle where you will share the most intimate soties of the princesses who had lived there. Continue reading “Afternoon tea at The Orangery & Kensington Palace”

The new Design Museum, High Street Kensington

designer, exhibition, design museum, London

After 4 years of work, the new Design Museum (located before in the South Bank of the Thames) has opened its doors since the end of November. The new building conceived by the architect John Pawson gives a fresh start to the museum. It’s quite impressive inside, with a great volume under the roof and some vanishing lines which reveal different points of view on the floors. For the first time, the museum offers a permanent free exhibition in the top floor. “Designer, Maker, User” is an interesting walking through the evolution of Design and questions the links and the interdependence between the 3 parts quoted before. What does design mean to you? Does design has an impact on our lives? Could it change the society? Could we talk about a “positive design”? What is its main purpose? So many questions that are interesting lines of thought.

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French Bakery Tasting, South Kensington

Christmas is coming…Charlotte and I have decided to depart for a Bakery expedition in South Kensington. A true participant observation including tasting for sure. At the same time, we have asked all the information about the “Bûche de Noël” for people staying in London. Discover below our selection: Maitre Choux, Aux merveilleux and Orée. Be aware that these pics work up an appetite.

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One-O-one Restaurant, a unique experience, Knightsbridge.

tartare thon, One-o-one, seafood

Discover One-O-One at Knightsbridge, a delicious and refine seafood restaurant. One of my best cooking experience in London. Do not miss the special offer during week-days for the evening: a 3-course-menu at £29,5. An incredible place to celebrate or just to indulge yourself.

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