London/Paris in Summer – the sun letter

Second edition of our newsletter across the Manche. Charlotte succeeds in her new position in Paris but her heart is still in London so I’m lucky enough to see her on a regular basis. With the summer – hot temperatures in Paris / still uncertain weather in London until recently – it’s more than ever the time to get the most of the 2 cities and to start planning your week-end. Look at or snap eurostar (if you’re more flexible) to spot the seasonal promotions. For this summer, we’ll talk about music festivals: Love Box in London/Lollapalooza in Paris, terraces and outdoors – barbecue versus “buvettes” and we mention a famous palace… All the links and details below, happy Summer across the Manche and let us know what you try !

biere en terrasse

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Tea time at Bronte restaurant, Strand, Trafalgar Square

Bronte restaurant, Trafalgar Square, London

Not so easy to find a charming but relaxing place in the thrilling Trafalgar Square…but we were not afraid by the challenge. Previously, we had confess our admiration for the UK designer Tom Dixon, that’s why when Charlotte has heard the Bronte (not a tribute to the Victorian poetess but to the Admiral Nelson, earl of Bronte, who has his status standing nearby) was the bar and restaurant opened in July 2016, designed by him, we haven’t hesitated too much…. Hopefully, we haven’t been disappointed at all. On this Saturday afternoon, we chose the Afternoon Tea, an exquisite and generous selection at £24. One of the best we have tried until now. High quality ingredients in the finger sandwichs, delicious selection of “petits fours” (lemon tart, eclair, cheesecake, chocolate mousse…) but above all the perfect recipe of scones. With its golden and copper reflects, the lights are welcoming and refined at the same time. For once, you have a lot of room between each table and few stairs on the left, 3 curtains here and there helps to create a cosy atmosphere and an out of time moment. And as an image is worth a thousand words…look at ours pics below.

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Lunch, drinks and dinner in Shoreditch

Barber and Parlour, Shoreditch, London

Close to the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch, you can find some quieter places to enjoy a lunch, drinks or a dinner. Except for the Box Park (but how could we avoid to mention this first pop-up malls created in 2011 in containers?), we have selected 3 addresses not located on the Shoreditch High Street, the perfect stops to pair with your street art walking. For a lunch: choose Rochelle Canteen, located in an old Victorian house which has since evolved into a co-workers hub. The perfect hidden place to treat yourself with a home-cooked flavors thanks to a short (and affordable) menu changing every day. To have a drink, seat at Barber and Parlour, an unusual building which is simultaneously a grocery, a barber, a bar and which houses The Electric Cinema. A must-do to live a 30’s cinema experience in a comfortable leather sofa. And to end your day with a more refine atmosphere and really qualitative italian food, Bottega Prelibato is definitely the perfect choice. Find all the addresses below.

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3 spots at Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf, London

Most of you associate only Canary Wharf with the business center place, a spot to desert after workdays. It would be a pity if we keep only in mind this definition. Built in the 80’s, the unmissable place is also a part of a bigger Real Estate project to give a new life to the docks (bombarded in WW2 and given up by the population). More than ever, with the new Crossrail station in 2018, Canary Wharf will be one of the most commutable place. We have tried to walk in Poplar and Canada Water but we haven’t seen nothing you can’t miss. That’s why, eventually, we have preferred to focus on 3 addresses to consider this place differently. The Museum of Docklands doubtless worths a visit and will offer you a complementary explanation to that of you can find in the Maritime Museum in Greenwich (not too far). You will know everything about the beginning of the Maritime trade and its development with the Indias, the issue of the slavery, the life and its insecurity in the docks in the 18th, the consequences of the World Ward and and the new urban project “Canary Wharf” to reclaim the abandoned docks. After that, have a drink or a dinner at the Pagination, the new unmissable cocktail and wine bar from Drake and Morgan. At last, a cosy, refined and stylish restaurant with accessible prices at Canary. And we have kept a little surprise for the end: the Crossrail roof top garden. If the station will open in 2018, a 300 sq.m high line has been already developed to allow you to discover rare plants and flowers coming from the countries the West Indian Company traded with in the the 18th. The green heart we daren’t expect there.

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