Lunch, drinks and dinner in Shoreditch

Barber and Parlour, Shoreditch, London

Close to the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch, you can find some quieter places to enjoy a lunch, drinks or a dinner. Except for the Box Park (but how could we avoid to mention this first pop-up malls created in 2011 in containers?), we have selected 3 addresses not located on the Shoreditch High Street, the perfect stops to pair with your street art walking. For a lunch: choose Rochelle Canteen, located in an old Victorian house which has since evolved into a co-workers hub. The perfect hidden place to treat yourself with a home-cooked flavors thanks to a short (and affordable) menu changing every day. To have a drink, seat at Barber and Parlour, an unusual building which is simultaneously a grocery, a barber, a bar and which houses The Electric Cinema. A must-do to live a 30’s cinema experience in a comfortable leather sofa. And to end your day with a more refine atmosphere and really qualitative italian food, Bottega Prelibato is definitely the perfect choice. Find all the addresses below.

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4 places where dinner listening live music

Not fancy doing the rounds of the bars? But you expect something funnier than a classical restaurant? Why not having a dinner listening live music in London.

For a casual atmosphere, you will prefer The Piano Works where you will review the latest hist with the 2 piano-and-vocals. Bonus: you can ask for the song you want. A perfect place to chill out with your colleagues. The Blues Kitchen will do the job as well. The most difficult part? Selecting your bourbon amongst 100 varieties and make your choice between pulled pork or cajun beef. From 10.30pm, let the concert begins.

For a more elegant atmosphere, chose Oriole. An incredible selection of cocktails in a decor reminding Prohibition times. Outstanding bands each time. And if you are looking for a fancy but accessible place where you can dance: book a table at The Jazz Café to discover assorted kinds of jazz around the world!

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