London/Paris – the month letter

First edition of our new newsletter, we will share with you once a month from now on,  our best of in Paris and London. Many of you live between the 2 cities for business or personal reasons and the same goes for us. Charlotte is about to start a new professional commitment in Paris, if you look for a flat to buy she’s the one to contact with. Fortunately, she plans to keep going back and forth , the opportunity for us to exchange cross-looks on 3 main topics: the new foodie places, a cultural outing and the event you can’t miss. The Pergola in London vs Papa cabane in Paris, the 200th anniversary of the Dulwich Picture Gallery vs Cezanne at Orsay, the wine week vs the Jazz festival, which city will seduce you this month? Get the most of it with the description and the links below.

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Architecture: how to recognize the main English styles

victorian house belsize

With the different English architectural styles, one can be lost. However, with some simple historical landmarks in mind (ok, it takes me one MeetUp, a couple of research on Google and a lot of questions to my friends), it seems easy to become a pro or to pretend. Imagine, at last you will know how to explain to a non-british friend what a mew is and… above all…to answer to the question: is it Victorian or Georgian? Priceless.

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Hackney walk, the new luxury outlet

Hackney Walk is the new luxury outlet opened last summer. You couldn’t have missed the ads in the tube. A lot of British brands, as iconic as Burberry, and few international brands:, Ugg, Bally may help you to find the perfect Christmas gift or accessory for your precious one. Continue reading “Hackney walk, the new luxury outlet”