Top 5 – Our favourite musicals in London

London has always been synonymous with musicals, offering in avant-premiere in Europe, the best shows coming from Broadway. The offer is infinite and it could be hard to decide the one to book, especially when you are there for a couple of days. No worries, we have worked hard this last year (helped a lot by my parents every time they come for the week-end), and after seeing a dozen of them, we are eventually able to share our selection. It will depend on your taste for sure but if there is only one you can’t miss, it is definitely the Fanthom of the Opera! We put our favorites below and a top tip to pay cheapest tickets at TKTS. Enjoy!

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May in London : The Monthletter

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Two bank holidays in a month…. No doubt, May is coming. You will have plenty of time to discover and to enjoy what London has to offer. This month, we’ve made with Marine an eclectic selection where you could see us in our favourite playground. From art and flower exhibitions to open air theatre or Peckham Rye Festival, it’s time to plan your weekend activities. Welcome in May and welcome in London.

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