Street art walk in Shoreditch

Star Yard, street art, Brick Lane, London

Super classic as they can say, nevertheless we can’t help sharing our version of a Street Art’s walk in Shoreditch with you. Thanks to the Google Map’s screen shot below, discover the unmissable streets: Rivington Street, Redchurch street, Princelet Street, Fournier Street, Heneage Street, Fashion Street to admire the greatest modern artists: Banksy for sure, but also 2 Frenchies: Zabou and Thierry Noir and a lot of Londoners taggers. Coming from the US at the beginning of the 90’s, the Street Art which is not only about tags but more generally “a ephemera art seen by a large audience” has reached its state-of-art in London. Discover these artworks which raise political and social issues with provocation but not without emotion.

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